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Child Development Module

The intent of this 25 page module is to increase supervised visitation provider's working knowledge of child development and to familiarize providers with common behaviors and parenting tasks at different stages of child development.The numerous stages of development that are presented in this module can be viewed as typical and normative developmental behaviors. Service providers will understand the normative developmental behaviors of the child and corresponding parenting tasks after reading this module.

This module:
1. Describes and distinguishes the developmental stages;
2. Provides examples of common behaviors in different developmental stages;
3. Provides information regarding parenting skills and tasks that meet a child's developmental milestones;
4. Provides practice tips for supervised visitation providers.

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Item #1 SVN Modular Training Manual

The purchase for $99 includes:
The Stylish SVN Binder and the first twelve completed modules:Intake, Working with Law Enforcement, Domestic Violence, Understanding the SVN Code of Ethics, Intervention in Supervised Visitation, Documentation modules I and II, Child Welfare modules I and II, Parents with Special Needs, Child Development and Working with The Courts. Included is a CD with Power Point presentations for each module and also some sample forms.

Includes the new Child Development Module

Also included with all new purchases is a free "Module on Training Adult Learners"

Additional modules will be made available at an affordable price as they are published. This training manual is being published in Modules over the next 24 months. It is designed as a companion document to the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN) Standards, Code of Ethics, and Guidelines for Best Practice (currently in process at this writing). As with the Standards, the training modules are designed to give evidence to the broad range of member practices. Developing such a training manual is a difficult task in that the training modules must reflect and accommodate the depth and breadth of regional practices. Moreover, the training modules must meet the SVN Standards, yet be flexible enough to allow each program to develop and implement programs that meet and reflect community needs and standards.

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